Love the space you live in

3 Easy Steps


Initial Appointment

This will be a fun, but informative meeting with your project specialist. The focus will be on discovering your preferred styles and attributes, understanding your goals and expectations, and determining budgets and time-frames. We will work together to start building the foundation of your initial plan.


Decision Making

The ideas from our initial discussion begin to transform into the project of your dreams. We will begin with an initial layout, pricing and selections. Our elite software provides visual renderings of your complete project. This helps to ensure that all aspects of the project are exactly how you desire them to be.


Let's Get to Work

Measure twice and cut once. Extensive planning is now complete, contracts are signed, and material is ordered. Your project specialist will introduce you to your personal project manager. Your project manager will visit the site daily, be a personal point of contact for all of your needs, and work to meet all of your expectations.