5 Kitchen Upgrades that Add Value

5 kitchen upgrades

Remodeling Magazine‘s annual survey of cost vs value helps homeowners avoid sticker shock when it comes to making home upgrades. The survey shows that kitchen remodeling and upgrades remain in the top ten home improvement projects that add value to a home and are eco-friendly while being reasonably priced. Since home values fluctuate and material costs are determined by local suppliers, home improvement prices can vary by location. However, the following are some of the top kitchen renovation ideas that Southern Breeze Home Design Center sees to add value and efficiency to your home.

Custom Kitchen Countertops

One of the best upgrades you can make to your kitchen is to upgrade your countertops with either a natural stone like granite or the new trend of countertops- a quartz composite. The appearance of a luxury kitchen upgrade can be obtained at a fraction of the usual cost by using remnants of other projects. Numerous eco-friendly countertop materials continue to emerge with both the sustainability and style to appeal to homeowners seeking less maintenance.

Kitchen Accessories

Adding crown molding to existing cabinets accentuates the architectural detailing of a home’s style. New cabinet faces with new knobs, pulls, and cabinet hinges add personality. From sleek and modern to classic and ornate, kitchen hardware upgrades refresh the entire look of a kitchen.

An Open, Modern Kitchen

An open floor plan is all the rage these days for kitchens. Just by removing a non-weight-bearing wall or enlarging a doorway can make a kitchen space seem larger than its floor plan previously suggested. If a wall seems “in the way” and is necessary for the structural soundness of the home, a pass-through option may serve the purpose of opening up the kitchen space.

New Kitchen Windows

Windows are so important for fresh air to combat kitchen moisture and odors, and bring daylight to make cooking preparations easier. Replacing wooden, metal, or older vinyl windows with newer, more energy-efficient ones will help save you money and improve your home’s aesthetics.

Kitchen Backsplash

A kitchen is quickly set apart with personal choices using custom designed backsplash tiles for areas around the cook stove or wherever wall surfaces need extra protection from moisture and cooking splatters. Consumers can choose from glamorous glass, antique mirrors, or mother-of-pearl mosaics. Back-painted, solid glass panel backsplashes are trendy for the modern kitchen look.

Hardwood Floors

Pre-finished and engineered wood flooring is now available in more choices than ever. They provide a kitchen with the look of real wood, eliminate the sanding dust dilemma, and come with UV-cured aluminum oxide finish for more eco-friendly homes.

Energy-Efficient Kitchens

Green and sustainable kitchen designs and materials that focus on function and ease create healthy living environments that are free of toxins, harsh chemicals, and excessive energy consumption. Homeowners are prompted by government incentives to evaluate their home’s energy efficiency and overall performance.

Are you ready to update your kitchen to be more friendly to the environment and more valuable in the long run? Contact Southern Breeze Home Design Center today to get started transforming your kitchen.